Mass Data

We are a custom software company in Bangladesh. We started as a start-up software outsourcing company in 2016. We became a Bangladeshi company in 2017 and have been growing every year.

We find technical solutions for our clients. Typically this would mean we are building software products for them, but sometime we would be doing something completely different like researching business data or setting up their firewall.

Mass Data was founded on June, 2016 to provides Web Development, Marketing , Sofware Solution , Domain and Web Hosting Solution. We will deliver high-quality products and support our customers beyond their expectations. This will improve their profitability, their businesses, and our relationships with them.


Our mission is simple. To provide trouble-free, customer-focused, reliable, and affordable solution. We simply want to continue to operate a profitable company that makes customers happy. A successful business needs to be committed to client solutions, innovation, creativity and a warm, caring attitude to all of our customers’ business needs. We don’t just provide 24×7 support. we really do listen and care.


We tailor incredible IT solutions for companies regardless the size of them. At Mass Data, our proficient team is promised to deliver cutting-edge innovations that meet the exact demands of our client and that too in a less turnaround time. With core adroitness and high level expertise, we integrate ourselves to notch complex solutions to the clients spread across the continents. Our commitment towards each client is unparalleled.

  • We’re dependable

    Our vast experience, wide knowledge and flawless execution process ensure you the best solution for your requirements at affordable price.

  • Integrity

    Our corporate values of fairness, transparency and honesty cement the relationships and transform them into personal relationships.

  • Our Service is fast

    We are available 24/7 on multiple communication channels to provide you with an instantaneous, fast and high-quality support.

We don’t hire developers, designers or QA engineers, we hire people who solve problems. And we hire only the best. We run regular training and review sessions to keep us on the top. And our culture of constructive criticism, learning and sharing expands our horizons and keeps us level headed.

There is no doubt that there is something wrong with us – but in a good way (we think)!

We are always obsessed with something. The object of obsession changes over time, sometimes is just a new programming trick that someone has found, or sometimes its a game that we are playing. People outside of Kaz point these out as signs of our insanity. But we are proud of them.

Here is a random sampling. But if you really want to know what we are up to (or what we’ve done, but management won’t allow that to be published on the website) visit our FB page!

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